Whether you’re looking to finance or refinance your home, need a home equity line of credit for large purchases or home projects we can design a mortgage to meet your individual needs. Our real estate loans feature low interest rates, affordable down payments and competitive closing costs. We offer FHA/VA real estate loans as well as USDA loans up to 100% loan to value. AlaTrust Credit Union also offers…

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First and Second Real Estate Loans

We originate a variety of real estate loans, including conforming and non-conforming loans, for purchases or for refinancing with fixed rate terms up to 30 years. Rates are subject to daily market rates. Call 800-264-8031 for questions concerning rates and terms.

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Conventional Fixed Rates

Fixed Rate Real Estate Loans are ideal for homeowners who want the security of a monthly payment that will not change over the life of their loan. Take advantage of AlaTrust's Fixed Rate Real Estate loans now, and rest easy in knowing your rate is not subject to change over the life of your loan. We proudly offer numerous options with Fixed Rate Real Estate loans. Call 800-264-8031 for questions concerning rates and terms.

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Adjustable Rate

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) are ideal for homeowners who may move soon, pay off the home loan quickly or are willing to take the risk that the rate will adjust lower in the future. This real estate loans offers a lower initial interest rate than fixed loans and the rate can adjust periodically. This means your monthly payments could be higher or lower throughout the life of the loan.

You have several options available for how long the initial lower interest rate will be in place. Once that time period is over, the interest rate can change every year. The interest rate changes based on market conditions, using an index published in the Wall Street Journal. So if the index rate does down, your monthly payment may go down, depending on the type of Adjustable Rate Mortgage you select. Even though the rate can change throughout the loan, there are limits, or caps, on how much the rate can increase or decrease.

AlaTrust has a variety of Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Your loan officer can help you select the right one for your unique situation.

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Construction Loans

Let us help you build your dream home. Call 800-264-8031 for questions concerning rates and terms for this loan. Construction/Perm loans with one closing are available. 

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Home Equity Line of Credit

Now you can use the equity your home has earned to establish a line of credit. If you need cash to create a special wedding or just want to consolidate your debts, a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) is the most practical way to go. Our members enjoy peace of mind with a home equity line of credit for home improvements, college expenses or even vacations. Now's the time to enjoy our low rates and have more cash on hand!

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Quick Close Home Equity Loan

A loan that members find helpful is the Quick Close Line of Credit. This loan offers fast processing and little to no closing cost. Available for amounts from $10,000 to $150,000. Other qualifications may apply. Contact AlaTrust today at 800-264-8031 to apply.

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Home Improvement Loans

AlaTrust can now finance up to 133% of your home’s value to make those updates that will make your house a home. Looking to add a deck, pool, new flooring, etc? This is the option for you!

  • Max 10 year amortization
  • Property must be borrowers primary residence

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Contact AlaTrust today at 800-264-8031 to apply, or email for more information.

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