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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Service Fee Frequency
Below Par Charge $5.00 per month
Bill Pay Inactivity**** $5.00 per month
Bill Pay without eStatements**** $5.00 per month
Business Checking $15.00 per month
Card Replacement $5.00 per card
Card Replacement PIN**** $2.00 per instance
Cashier Checks / Teller Checks $3.00 per check
Check Cashing (non-Member check)*** $3.00 per check
Deposit Item Return $25.00 per item
Draft Copy (Free on OnLine Banking) $5.00 per check
Early Club Withdrawal $15.00 per instance
Early Share account closure (<6mo) $25.00

per instance

e-Checking $10.00 per month
Garnishment $25.00 per notice
History Statement $1.00 per page
Insufficient Funds (honored) $35.00 per item
Insufficient Funds (returned) $35.00 per item
Loan Origination $50.00 per loan of $2,000 or more
Mailed Paper Statement**** $2.00 per statement
Money Orders $3.00 per money order
Reg D transfers over six $5.00 per transfer
Research/Balancing $25.00 per hour
Return Mail $2.00 per instance
Service Center $2.40 per member verification after 5
Statement Copies $5.00 per statement
Stop Pay Member Check $30.00 per item
Stop Pay Official Check** $30.00 per item
Subordination $150.00 per request
Tax Levy $35.00 per notice
Telephone Inquires* $1.00 per call
Wire Transfer $20.00 each transfer In & Out
Wire Transfer International $50.00 When Available

* Please note, the telephone inquiry fee can be avoided by calling Touch Tone Teller.
** Requires Supervisor approval.
*** For any member with share account only and balance below $300
**** Does not apply to members ages 60 and over