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Pay Your Loan

Paying your loan with AlaTrust couldn’t be easier. You can pay online, directly from your AlaTrust account or an external account at another financial institution.

1. Click the Pay Now button

Pay Now

2. Enter required information, click "I'm not a robot" and click begin

(For first time users, you will be required to enter your email address. A one time passcode will be sent to this email address upon each login before you can make a payment.)

3. Select Pay Now or Schedule a Payment

4. Select Account Transfer

5. Enter required information, choose amount to pay then click continue

6. Review your payment information, click submit payment


  1. Sign in to Online/Mobile banking
  2. Click the Transfer tab
  3. Select Account Transfer
  4. Use the dropdown to select the from and to account
  5. Enter the payment account
  6. Click Submit

Screenshot of Account Transfers screen within online banking

  1. Sign in to Online/Mobile banking
  2. Click the Transfer tab
  3. Select External Transfers
  4. Click the Request tab
  5. Use the dropdown to choose which financial institution you would like the payment to be withdrawn* from and which loan to apply the payment to
  6. Enter the payment amount
  7. Choose the frequency
  8. Select a start date
  9. Click submit

*If you have not set up an external transfer account, set it up today

Screenshot of Request Money screen within online banking

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