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Member Reviews

Member since 1999 and have no regrets. I have never encountered an issue here. Tellers and employees are always professional and operate with integrity and last but not least, I appreciate the confidence of knowing my finances are secure.

Pier, Member since 1999

I am a new teacher and had the opportunity of opening an account and working with Amy. She was nothing short of amazing. She walked me through every step and made sure I had the things I needed. If you ever need assistance, she would be a pleasure to work with.

Andrea, Member since 2020

AlaTrust is more than banking, it is a very important part of our community. The employees are very friendly and they are very supportive of our schools and initiatives that are so very critical in the development of our children as they become productive citizens. Thanks AlaTrust for doing your part!!

Barbara, Member since 1994

AlaTrust has been my credit union for over 17 years. I have only had good experiences with AlaTrust. They will continue to be my # 1 financier! Great services.

Barbara, Member since 2002

Each of the employees of AlaTrust that I have contacted have been very knowledgeable about the services offered and are extremely helpful and friendly. We look forward to a long relationship with AlaTrust.

Donna, Member since 2019

Many congratulations to Mrs. Jean on her retirement. Mrs. Jean assisted me over 35 years ago as a new credit union member. She was very influential in helping me navigate within the credit union services. A true blessing to the organization and there will never be another person like her. CUDOS to will be missed ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Eric, Member since 1988

I have been a member for 33 years. I started with the friendly people at the branch in Anniston, Alabama. When they opened a branch in Talladega I was estatic! The WONDERFUL, CARING, staff at the Talladega branch have always made me/us (my family, who are members also), feel appreciated. They have been and still are so helpful and they provide that individualized, FRIENDLY, SUPERB service!

Fannie, Member since 1987

Karla is always helpful with any of our needs. The quickness in her response of getting things done is AMAZING!!!! She is the BEST!!!

Hoyt, Member since 1987

The staff at your Anniston branch are the greatest, always professional, knowledgeable and caring about the customer. Marie is the greatest.

James, Member since 2010

Very satisfied with the personal service provided by Alatrust employees. I like the fact that I am personally recognized and not a number at Alatrust.

John, Member since 1984

I have been a member of Alatrust for many years and love doing business with folks who know you and show appreciation for your business. Thanks, y'all!

Margaret, Member since 1986

I love the employees who are always eager to help. They are all friendly and I like when I ask for their opinion, they give it to me.

Robin, Member since 1997

I have enjoyed many years with you all and will continue to do so.

Stacey, Member since 2017

Starr in Jasper was very thorough as she walked me through the process of setting up our account. Starr made me comfortable when I was having second thoughts. Moreover it was like being accepted into the family and it will be a pleasure well into the future! Yours truly, Stephen.

Stephen, Member since 2020

They are always there to help and get your questions answered They call you back if there is a problem and they are prompt getting it solved!

Teresa, Member since 2016

Starr is my loan person here at AlaTrust in Jasper, Alabama. She is awesome! Friendly, courteous, and always helpful and easy to get in touch with.

John, Member since 1997

The employees have always treated me well and are very knowledgeable. Everyone is nice and friendly.

Vanessa, Member since 1995

Great experience with Shelby very professional as well as helpful. We would definitely suggest AlaTrust to others as well as our clients.

Wayland, Member since 2019

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