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Savvy Money

Create. Track. Achieve Your Credit Score Goal!

Do you have financial goals? Do you want to improve your credit score to achieve those goals? Whether buying a house, a car, or anything requiring a loan or if you're going to rent a new apartment or improve your overall creditworthiness, AlaTrust can help.

With Savvy Money, you can CREATE a credit score goal, receive personalized recommendations, and TRACK your progress toward your goal. You can edit your goal anytime, and you will receive messages when meeting milestones and when you ACHIEVE your goal.

And there is more! You can access the following features within Savvy Money

  • Personalized Credit Report
  • Real-Time Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Credit Score Action Plan
  • Credit Score Education

Are you ready to reach your financial goals? Enroll in Savvy Money today via Online/ Mobile banking. 

Get Started Today! 

To access your credit score daily:

  1. Login to online or mobile banking
  2. Click the Savvy Money widget on the righthand side of the screen (desktop) or click the link at the top of your mobile banking app.
  3. Grant Savvy Money access to your Credit Score and start receiving real time credit alerts and daily credit score updates.