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AlaTrust offers a variety of savings accounts to help you save. Our share savings account holds your membership at AlaTrust and pays dividends, calculated on daily balances credited and compounded quarterly. Electronic or automatic withdrawals and transfers are limited to 6 per month for each savings account, but you have access to unlimited free in-branch, AlaTrust ATM, or Money Pass ATM withdrawals. Your accounts are insured up to $500,00 per account ($250,000 in coverage by the NCUA and $250,000 in coverage by ESI).

Welcome to the Honey Huddle!

Empowering Kids for Financial Success

We believe that financial education starts young, which is why we're dedicated to empowering kids to take charge of their finances from an early age. The Honey Huddle is designed to make learning about money fun and engaging for kids while equipping them with essential financial skills for life.

What is The Honey Huddle?

The Honey Huddle is our brand-new youth club for kids (ages 0-19) to learn more about the power of saving and smart money management. Kids can become a member of the credit union by starting their very own savings account with a minimum of just $5! Through The Honey Huddle, kids can access a variety of interactive activity pages to complete and earn Bee Badges as they progress.

The Perks:

  • Savings account, checking account, and debit card
  • All A's Paydays: Get paid for every A on your report card
  • Earn Bee Badges
  • Recieve an Activity Book*
  • Receive a Honey Huddle T-shirt*
  • Financial Literacy Simulations 


*T-Shirts and pre-printed activity books are available to Honey Huddle Members for free while supplies last! Visit your local branch to get yours!

Financial Success Starts Young

We're passionate about helping kids lay the foundation for financial success, and The Honey Huddle is just the beginning. By teaching kids the importance of saving and responsible money habits early on, we're setting them up for a lifetime of financial well-being.

All A's Paydays 

We want to invest in our Honey Huddle members. Each quarter our Honey Huddle members are encouraged to bring their report card into their local branch. For each "A" on their report card*, we will deposit $1 into their account!

*max of $5 per quarterly report card, up to $20 max per year!

Get Your Kids Involved

Ready to get your kids started on their journey to financial empowerment? Sign them up for their own account at AlaTrust Credit Union and introduce them to The Honey Huddle. Not only will they learn valuable money skills, but they'll also have a blast earning Bee Badges along the way! Badges can be earned and picked up at your local credit union location when your child completes the following objectives completed:

  • Member Bee Badge: Join the Honey Huddle 
  • Honey Bee Badge: Make your first deposit
  • Bear Badge: All A's on a report card
  • Honeycomb Badge: Joined the newsletter
  • Worker Bee Badge: Completed the activity book 
  • Honey Badge: Attended an AlaTrust event 

Download our Activity Book 

Committed to Financial Literacy

Did you know that AlaTrust Credit Union is actively involved in local schools, offering free financial literacy simulations, reading financially adapt books to classrooms, preparing kids with savings accounts at their school career days, and so much more? We're passionate about giving back to our community and believe that education is key to building a brighter financial future for all. To get your local school involved in our financial literacy simulation, Bite of Reality, click the button below!

Request us at your Local School 

Bite of Reality Attendees

Have you (or your child) attended one of our free financial literarcy programs, Bite of Reality? Join now using your flyer from the event to unlock your special offer on our Honey Huddle!

Start Saving!

Round Up. Save. Simple.

AlaTrust's Round Up Your Savings Program is a service that allows you to save money when you spend money. This unique feature works by automatically rounding up your debit card purchases to the nearest $ dollar amount. The rounded up portion is automatically deposited into your savings account, a child's savings or a family member's savings. The choice of where it goes is YOURS!  

This feature will help you reach your savings goal faster and easier without the hassle of manually transferring. Take advantage of this great feature and sign up today! 

Call 1-800-264-8031 or visit your local branch.

Round Up Your Savings FAQs

This savings (share) account holds your membership at AlaTrust and pays dividends, calculated on daily balances credited and compounded quarterly, at a rate determined by the Board of Directors. Electronic or automatic withdrawals and transfers are limited to six per month.

Our Student account is for all college students. We have a suite of products and services that will help you learn and grow all while saving your hard-earned income. We also have checking available, and you are eligible for a free debit card. A minimum balance of $5.00 and current student id is required.

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