AlaTrust Credit Union savings (share) accounts pay dividends, calculated on daily balances credited and compounded quarterly, at a rate determined by the Board of Directors. Due to the not-for-profit nature of the credit union structure and philosophy, savings accounts generally earn higher rates of return than similar accounts at other financial institutions. Electronic or automatic withdrawals and transfers are limited to six per month.

Savings Rates

Special Savings Accounts

Set aside money for a special purpose with one of our special savings accounts. With no minimum balance, no monthly service fee, and the same paid dividend rates on our regular savings accounts, you'll be able to get started easily and watch your savings grow (payroll deduction or direct deposits into your account is the best way to reach your savings goals). In November, Christmas Club accountholders will receive a deposit into their savings or checking account for the balance held in their Christmas Club accounts so they can get their shopping underway while selections are best. There is no need to visit our office each year to set up your new Christmas Club account as long as you keep your regular deposits arriving in your account. Vacation Club accountholders will receive a deposit into their savings or checking account for the balance held in their Vacation Club account in June. Ask us to set one or both accounts up for you today.

Club Accounts are a good tool to help budget for any expense. Call us today for any financial need you may have.

There is a penalty for early withdrawal on Vacation and Christmas Club accounts only.

Student Accounts

College students can benefit from our services that are just for them. For students with a valid student I.D., we offer a savings account with a $5.00 minimum balance. We also have checking available. Students will be eligible for a free debit card. Please contact member services for complete details.

STAR Accounts

Savings That Are Rewarding - STAR accounts are designed to start setting aside money for your child's future. It serves as a money management tool for teenagers teaching the basics of money. Help ensure your child(ren) are moving in the right direction financially with a STAR account. A minimum balance of $5.00 is required.

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