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Make paying bills easy, safe and convenient from any personal computer and/or mobile device. Use any AlaTrust checking account of your choice today to start paying your bills without the hassle of writing checks and without the cost of stamps! If you experience any issues with Bill Pay, please contact support staff at 1-866-815-1969.

How to use Bill Pay with Online/Mobile Banking

Add a Biller

  1. Sign into online banking
  2. Click Online Services tab, then Bill Pay
  3. Click Go, click Payees tab
  4. Choose an option under “I need to”
  5. If frequently used payee isn’t listed, add payee in search bar and click add
  6. Follow the directions on screen and enter all required information
  7. Once complete click Submit

Make a Payment

  1. Sign into online banking
  2. Click Online Services tab, then Bill Pay
  3. Click Go, click Payment tab
  4. Select the biller/person you’d like to pay, if not listed click the green Payee button to add new
  5. Schedule your payment for either the default date (the earliest date the biller can receive the payment) or a later date.
  6. Click Make Payment

Card Control screen displayed on mobile phones

Take Control Wherever You Go! Control is now in the palm of your hand. 

With the Card Control App, you can:

  • Set Real Time Alerts- Instant notifications of all transactions 
  • Lock/Unlock Your Card(s)- If you misplace or lose your card.
  • Set Transaction Limits- Instant notification for over the limit spending
  • Enable/Disable international, online, over the phone, ATM, and gas station transaction alerts
  • Monitor Spending- Suspend your child(ren) card once they have exceeded their spending limit

Card Controls FAQs

Download the AlaTrust Card Control app today!

AlaTrust Card Controls App - Download on the App Store

AlaTrust Card Controls App - Get it on Google Play


When you choose to go paperless know that you're making an environmentally friendly choice. E-statements and notices take fewer natural resources to create and deliver than paper versions.

  • Access your e-statements 24/7 with no searching, stress, or paper cuts.
  • Stay on top of account activity with emails whenever you receive an e-statement.
  • Review your e-statement anytime in one convenient place.
  • Rest assured that your e-statements are secure and organized.
  • Enjoy no statement fees. Avoid a $2 monthly fee for paper statements when you switch to e-statements.
  • Visa card holders can view e-statements within online banking.


  1. Log in to online banking by clicking here 
  2. Click the "Online Services" tab
  3. Click "E-Statements"
  4. Click "Agree" on the pop up to opt-in
  5. Click "OK"

                  You are now all set up to enjoy paperless statements! 

External Transfers screen displayed on tabletExternal Transfers allow you to move your money between your accounts with us and those you have at other financial institutions. 

You can:

  • Transfer money into a savings or checking 
  • Make a transfer to pay on your loan with us
  • Request money to be deposited into your savings or checking with us

How to set up External Transfers

  1. Sign into online/mobile banking
  2. Click the Transfers tab, then External Transfers
  3. Click Add Account
  4. Choose account type, enter the other financial institution’s routing number* and your account number
  5. Click continue
    Set up complete!

*Enter the designated routing number instead of name or number to ensure your external transfers is linked to the correct credit union or bank.

In 2-3 business days after setting up External Transfers, you will need to confirm your account. We will send three small deposits (between $0.01 and $0.99) into your account.

You will need to:

  1. Check your external account for the exact amounts of the three deposits mentioned above within 2-3 business days.
  2. Once you have the three deposit amounts, log in to your AlaTrust Credit Union Home Banking account.
  3. Select External Transfers in the Transfers dropdown menu.
  4. Click the external account that you need to verify.
  5. Confirm the external account by entering the three deposits mentioned in point number one.
  6. You will need to follow the steps above for every external account you add.
  7. Once the external account is confirmed you will be able to make transfers to and from that account.

External Transfers FAQs

Mobile App LoginBanking with ease is in the palm of your hands. You can access your AlaTrust account 24/7. This app has been designed with you in mind to make banking faster and easier on the go. Check your mobile app store to download today. Click the link below to download directly to your mobile device or to view the FAQ’s.

Our Mobile App allows you to:

  • Pay Bills
  • Set Alerts
  • Order Checks
  • Remote Deposit
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Money Desktop
  • View All Accounts
  • View Quick Balances
  • View Transaction History
  • View Current Promotions
  • View Account E-Statements
  • Send a Secure Message
  • Update Account Information
  • Send Money via PayPal
  • Locate Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • Transfer Funds between Accounts, Members & External & more!

Mobile App FAQs      Terms and Conditions

AlaTrust Mobile App - Download on the App Store

AlaTrust Mobile App - Get it on Google Play

*Messaging and Data Rates May Apply. Check with your phone carrier for details.

Using mobile wallet for contactless paymentPay smarter, securely, and confidently!  Instead of swiping or inserting your debit and/or credit card at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, you can pay with a tap on your smartphone.

Apple Pay     Google Pay

*Fit Bit Pay and Garmin Pay are also available.*

Mobile Wallet FAQs

If you have multiple financial accounts, your life just got easier. Money Desktop, an online management tool, provides you with a comprehensive view of your finances by combining all of your information from multiple accounts into a single dashboard from which you can perform important money management tasks. 

Money Desktop key features:   

  • Account Aggregation: with Money Desktop, you're able to see all of your financial account balances and transactions in one place even accounts you have with other financial institutions.
  • Expense Tracking: categorize and track spending from various financial accounts. This information can help you create realistic budgets based on your actual spending, income, debts and expenses. 
  • Budgeting: an easy way to visualize and interact with your budget through Money Desktop by using bubbles to graphically represent your budgets for different types of spending. It's a quick way to see which part of your budget needs attention. 
  • Debt Management: Money Desktop gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get your debt under control. A customized plan just for you based on your debts, income and budget. 

Start taking control of your finances today by setting up Money Desktop through online banking

How to access Money Desktop:

  1. Login to online banking
  2. Click the "Online Services" tab, then Money Desktop
  3. Follow on screen instructions to set up your new account. View the tutorial videos available to learn how to set budgets, view your transactions, and much more.

Money Management Made Easy! 

Our Online Banking product is available to assist you with financial transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Online Banking, you can view account information, view e-statements, transfer funds between accounts, member to member, and any external accounts, view transaction history and much more. It's safe, confidential, easy and it's free. Access your account anywhere and anytime from a personal computer, tablet or mobile device.

Login to Online Banking

Real Time Payments (RTP) is a new network launched by The Clearing House that enables consumers, businesses, and governments to immediately send and receive funds 24x7x365. If the Financial Institution the payment is coming from is a part of the RTP network and set up to send payments then the AlaTrust member will receive the payment instantly instead of waiting 1-2 business days for an ACH payment. Click here to see if your Financial Institution is a part of the RTP network. 


*AlaTrust members are currently only setup to receive RTP's and not send a RTP. 

Remote deposit screen on mobile phoneDeposit your checks on your time. This feature within our mobile app has been designed with you in mind to make mobile deposits faster and easier on the go. Only 3 simple clicks are all it takes! Download our mobile app to start making mobile deposits today!

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to:

  •  Deposit on the go- deposit your check at your convenience
  •  Save Time- no need to travel to deposit a check
  •  Save Money- avoid paying check cashing fees

 Remote Deposit FAQs

AlaTrust Mobile App - Download on the App Store

AlaTrust Mobile App - Get it on Google Play

*Messaging and Data Rates May Apply. Check with your phone carrier for details.

Your Credit. Your Power.

We believe that your credit score is the “superpower” that can help you achieve financial success. That's why we offer our members access to Savvy Money—a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for managing money and building wealth over time.

Understanding the factors contributing to your three-digit credit score is essential, and Savvy Money provides you with the tools to do just that, conveniently located within our mobile app and online banking. By knowing what goes into calculating your credit score, you can make informed decisions to maintain a healthy credit score and make the best financial choices.

The best part? Savvy Money is FREE for all AlaTrust members, and you can check and refresh your credit score and credit report every day without any negative impact on your score.

It is ALL in Credit Score.

  • Personalized Credit Report
  • Real-Time Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Credit Goals and Action Plan
  • Credit Score Simulator
  • Credit Score Education
  • And More!

Are you ready to reach your financial goals? Enroll in Savvy Money today by logging into Online/ Mobile banking and click the "View your credit score and report" link. 

Get Started Today!