The Platinum Visa Card offers the power of platinum, giving you instant purchasing power at home, on vacation, or almost anywhere you shop. And, if you usually carry a credit card balance, this card lets you take advantage of the lowest possible rate.

The Platinum Visa Card features:

  • No annual fee
  • 4.99% APR on New Purchases and Balances Transfers for 6 Months (offer valid for new Visa Credit Card Accounts with AlaTrust CU only).
  • Credit limits up to $20,000
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Acceptance at millions of locations worldwide
  • Protection against unauthorized transactions
  • aRewards … Earn one point for every dollar you spend towards CASH BACK and Merchandise Rewards.
  • Convert other credit card and department store debts to your AlaTrust Visa.

For more information on our Visa Platinum or Visa Classic, call 1-800-264-8031.

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To report a lost or stolen card: 1-866-889-9132

EMV Chip Cards Now Available! At AlaTrust Credit Union, we are committed to protecting your personal information and providing you a convenient, secure way to conduct transactions. We are excited to announce that we have completed the transition to debit and credit cards containing EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), also known as chip cards.   Debit Card Holders click here for FAQ's regarding your new EMV debit card  Credit Card Holders click here for FAQ's regarding your new EMV credit card

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