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Identity Theft Protection

Each year over 8 Million people are victims of Identity Theft in the United States.  Statistics even show that the odds of becoming a victim of Identity Theft are greater than having a heart attack or being involved in a car accident. 

That is why AlaTrust Credit Union is happy to announce our newest service which will aid in protecting our members from becoming victims of Identity Theft.  The Member Security Center is a new service that provides members with Identity Theft Protection and restoration should you become a victim.  The Member Security Center offers various levels of protection at very affordable prices, so you can choose what is right for you and your family. Visit Member Security Center to sign up today! 

Basic Member Protection Plan subscribers receive the following services:

  • Internet Surveillance Report- which monitors over 600,000 websites, chatrooms and social media sites to ensure that your personal information is not being traded on the Internet. Subscribers receive an e-mail alert if their personal information is compromised.  Using this proactive approach could prevent Identity Theft in the first place. 
  • Identity Restoration- that assists subscribers in restoring their identity if it is compromised.

Gold Membership Protection Plan subscribers receive the following services:

  • Internet Surveillance Report and Identity Restoration
  • Sex Offender Report
  • Change of Address Report
  • Social Security Trace Report
  • Restoration / Lost Wallet
  • **Insurance - $1M, $0 Deductible

Platinum Membership Protection Plan subscribers receive our full identity theft protection coverage. This package is all inclusive of the Basic and Gold Packages with the following additional features:

  • Credit File Authentication (1-time for Credit products)
  • Single Bureau Credit Report
  • 1-Bureau Score
  • Court/Criminal Report
  • Pay Day Loan Report