Skip one or all of your November or December loan payments for a low fee of $25
per *loan. To participate, click here to access our Skip-A-Pay form.

Complete the form and return it to AlaTrust by Friday, December 6th. You can fax the form to us at (205) 581-8809, scan and email it to or deliver it to your nearest branch, and we will give you a break! The next payment due will be skipped as long as your account is not delinquent. (Note: Any account over 10 days past due is considered delinquent and cannot be skipped.) For members with automatic payments, funds from your skipped payment will be deposited into your share (savings) account.

*Loans excluded from this offer include Real Estate Loans, Visa, Single Payment Loans and current
3 Months No Payment Promotion Loans. Per our extension policy, if you’ve already completed two
extensions in 2019 you are not eligible for skip-a-pay. You must have also completed 12 consecutive
payments in order to be eligible.

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